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Showing posts from October 30, 2016

Chronic Nerve Pain Sufferers: It's #NERVEmber

I am a #nerve #pain sufferer. I suffer every day. Every minute of the day and night. There are days the #pain overwhelms me.

Please share your #chronicpain story on social media platforms. Use #NERVEmber. Tag @powerofpain. Let's get the word out!

It's #NERVEmber You can win prizes 4 participation n the daily #iPain tasks. Help us #PaintTheWorldOrange#Orange helps us show— iPain Foundation (@powerofpain) November 5, 2016

Check Out This Year's Thanksgiving Decorations! 2016

Purchased from Dollar Tree, Big Lots and Etsy kept this year's Thanksgiving decorating to an affordable amount. I also found a free printable from Pinterest that I loved. A grateful heart~just print and frame!

I think it turned out very nice.

It's #NationalSandwichDay

Our family loves sandwiches. All types of sandwiches. So, in honor of #NationalSandwichDay, I'm going to share some our favorites!

What's your favorite sandwich?

avocado, ciltrano wrap

chicken steamed buns


eggplant sandwich

vegan BLT

French Dip sandwich

chicken biscuit sandwich