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Confessions of A Thinner Me

I would have never, in my dreams, thought that I would be this thin! Never wished it. I was comfortable being a plus size gal. I've been one for decades. Plus size fashion, models are in!

I had the support of the plus size community, on social media. I even did a stint on Go Curvy, as an outfit of the day contributor!

When I developed severe digestive issues, while on oral steroids, I found myself unable to eat. When I did, my body let me know it didn't like it, in the worst ways. There were many nights I would go to bed only eating once. I was too weak and sick to eat!

It actually took several months till I could get 'my system' settled. (this is an ongoing issue)

I was given a recommended food list. No more dairy, chocolate, acid foods. I was told to stop drinking coffee but I found cold brew coffee much kinder to my stomach. I had to quickly adapt to small portions and no fatty, processed , spicy foods and carbonated beverages.

Some of the approved foods bothered me…