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Showing posts from June 5, 2016

Lowes Kids Workshop ~ June 11, 2016

This weekend, our oldest granddaughter and I decided to attend Lowes kids workshop. I love attending these workshops since assembling isn't my strong suit.

I appreciated that they included safety glasses along with the kid apron.

I have to say this project was a challenge. That's why I won't be sharing any after photos. But we had lots of fun!

My Chronic Life: Beauty In Life

Scenes like this gorgeous tree make it all worth enduring a painful walk. 'looking for those small joys'

It's Time For Home Depot Kids Workshop ! Trophy Smartphone Holder

I know that the Home Depot Kids Workshops are for the little ones. But I come from the experience, learning something new and challenging myself.

In our house, household repair and assembling projects were always my husband's thing. This year, I decided that I would stop making excuses,

It's National Best Friends Day!

My best friend is my husband. We've been great friends for 28 years and counting!