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Showing posts from April 24, 2016

My Gable Lane Crates Home Decor Subscription Box Has Arrived

My first Gable Lane Crates subscription box has arrived and I couldn't be more pleased!

Everything was packaged well. Nothing arrived broken.

And when I saw the contents, I loved it! There was enough contents to even share with my daughter-in-law to be!

I already put the porcelain egg carton to work. It now holds my collection of rings, in my drawer!

Here's how Gable Lane Crates subscription works:

1. They offer a different room theme and 2 styles a month.

2. You can place your order each monthly or prepay 3 months.

3. Receive 4-8 home accessories, in your box.

4. Start decorating!

Happy 20th Anniversary !

Our love story started 28 years ago! It started with a hel Lots of dips and highs, along the way.

I'm so glad we still love each along this journey.

Happy 20th anniversary Charles!

Our Little Snuggle Bunny!

Here's our Snuggle Bunny! I never get tired of her adorable face.

We purchased this outfit for Easter and want to make sure the baby wears it often. You know how fast they grow!

Looks like Gaia really loves her pink tutu from Target too!

Gaia has discovered her hand. We think with all the drooling, she might be teething.

Gaia strikes a ballerina pose. Maybe we should consider ballet classes for this little one?!

This is my favorite photo. Just look at those dark eyes. They just melt our hearts. "Love you Gaia"!