Friday, February 12, 2016

We Stopped By The Family Picnic Event

Our granddaughter's school had a family picnic event today. Families and friends can attend. Just bring some food to be eaten outside. Or you can purchase slices of pizza and beverages from the school.

Hubby and I were excited to attend our 1st school event. We packed up a blanket and snacks and took a walk to the school.

There was already a huge crowd there. The school place wooden stakes, in the field, with the teacher's last name. We set up and waited for our granddaughter.

The kids were given a bag lunch and joined their families.

We met her teacher, friends and even chatted with some of our neighbors. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. Just lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures!

Target Coffee Lovers Mugs Make a Wonderful Valentine's Day Gift!

I purchased these adorable mugs when they caught my eye!

Target has the best seasonal items!

Ipsy February Beauty Subscription Box Has Arrived!

Ipsy offers a monthly beauty samples subscription for just $10 a month. I love the variety and brands that I receive.

Many of them, like Smashbox primers, are now part of my makeup stash! Stop by Ipsy and see what's all the excitement is about. Oh, I should mention Free shipping! This is a fun way to try out products before you purchase

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Be Mine Valentine's Day Banner

Banana Powder Works For Me!

I've been struggling with dark eye circles for years. But once I became postmenopausal it became unbearable. I always looked tired no matter what eye treatments and concealers that I used.

After watching several beauty YouTube ladies speak about banana powder I became intrigued. Many were using it as a concealer. I love the results they were getting!

So I reached out to a couple of beauty experts on Twitter last week. Once I was armed with additional info, I decided to purchase a jar of Ben Nye Banana Powder online. I paid around $30 at Amazon.

I applied it under my eyes, upper cheek, tip of nose and chin.

Check out today's results above! I really do love it. I have a nice glow. Also my dark circles aren't screaming out to be noticed!

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Fun at the Farmers Market

The weather was fabulous this Sunday. My daughter-in-law, granddaughter and I stopped by our neighborhood farmers market for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our granddaughter, Neveah, discovered her inner Princess with this cute crown sold by a local vendor. She enjoyed twirling, skipping and dancing the rest of the day.

Check out the gorgeous blue clear sky, in the background. Reason 1 that I love living in Las Vegas in the winter!

We purchase a couple of totes for only $5 each from a vendor. This was a really good bargain.

It's #National Pancake Day!

I love eating pancakes anytime of the day! Did you know that it's National Pancake Day?

In celebration, I will be enjoying an oven pancake for lunch!

The Good Wife Is Coming To An End this Spring!

I have to say that The Good Wife hasn't been the same since Will died but I was a bit saddened when the news came out. It appears that Season 7 will be wrapping up the series as of May 8th.

I'm going to miss all of the amazing guest stars, writing and business fashion.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Menu Plan Monday ~ February 8, 2016

Craig Road Regional Park, North Las Vegas

We had a terrific time at the farmers market this Sunday. I love the selection of produce from the local farmers. I've rediscovered my love of roasted acorn squash. And this week, I tried roasted beets! They were delicious!

Organizing Junkie

As always, I love to cook and bake from my family. The following meals are for them while I enjoy a low acid approved meal.
Organized Junkie

Fish and Chips

Miso Soup ~ The View From Great Island

Easy Crockpot Pot Roast ~ No. 2 Pencil

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Pick-Your-Own Soup

New York Sirloin Steak, Roasted Beets and Potatoes

Outfit of the Day ~ February 6, 2016

Saturday, hubby and I had to run some errands. I decided to pair my favorite grey sweater with a Target T-shirt, Old Navy black pants, colorful floral handbag and DSW Mary Jane pumps. This was a fun dress casual outfit!

I kept my makeup to a minimum. No blush or layers of eyeshadow. Just some foundation, finishing powder and lip gloss!

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