Saturday, February 06, 2016

Our Son's Family Thank You for the Baby Gift Video

When I suggested to my son's family that they do "Thank You for the Baby Gift" videos instead of cards they thought it was a fabulous idea!

Thank you. :)

Rona Berry-Morin Eboni Tate

Posted by Marcus Berry on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Thursday, February 04, 2016

I've Tried Covergirl Queen Collection Watermelon Splash Lipgloss!

Love the long lasting shine and pigment of #Covergirl #queencollection #WatermelonSplash #lipgloss

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Gwynnie Bee: Kiyonna Quilted Wrap Jacket

Just in time as our temperatures are slowing rising this week, I received the Kiyonna Quilted Wrap Jacket from Gwynnie Bee! The color is right on point, bringing warmth to my face. I really love the collar as well. The design makes this jacket trendy and stylish.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Chronic Pain Sufferer: Time for the TENS Unit!

Some days my pain level is so severe that I have to hook up to my TENS Unit for relief. Today is one of those days!

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Menu Plan Monday ~ February 2, 2016

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I love celebrating Valentine's Day! It gives me the chance to gift the special people in my life. Decorating the house with affordable and #DIY items allows me to be creative. This year, I'm even sending Valentine's Day cards! XOXO

Organized Junkie

I enjoy cooking and baking for my family. But when it comes to my meals, I keep it very simple. No spices, no dairy, low fat, no acid but high on taste!

Meatloaf, Carrots, Acorn Squash

Pork, Vegetable, Orzo Soup

Roasted Chicken, Quinoa, Green Beans

Chicken Lettuce Wraps ~ Frugal Living NW (this recipe is for family)

Roasted Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Steamed Greens

Hubby's Apple Pie Warms My Heart!

I love it when my husband bakes us an apple pie! It was so delicious.

Outfit of the Day ~ February 2, 2016

Colder temperatures have returned to Las Vegas. We actually had areas of the valley receive snow!

This was a perfect day to do some layering without breaking the bank. Purchasing your staples from discount stores saves you money and allows you to mix and match!

My Gwynnie Bee monthly clothing rental subscription services gives 'the bang' without the designer costs. I can wear the item for as long as I like, return it in the prepaid stamped bag and Gwynnie Bee will send me another item from my virtual closet!

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