Monday, October 03, 2016

Menu Plan Monday ~ October 3, 2016

I'm so thrilled that the temperatures have finally dropped to the 70's in Las Vegas. That means that it's in the low 50's at night. So I've got the windows open, AC off and watching the curtains flow in the breeze!

Sunday Supper Pot Roast Supper

Organizing Junkie

Normandy Chicken with Apple Cream Sauce, Roasted Potatoes, Arugula Salad

Blue Cheese, Smoked Almond, and Chive-Crusted Pork Chops and Honey Roasted Carrots

Rib eye Steak and Steam Mixed Vegetables

Chicken Lumpia, Pan Fried Noodles and Steamed Vegetables


Heather @CeliacFamily said...

Looks like a yummy week of meals to go with that cooler weather. Do you have a recipe for the Chicken Lumpia with noodles and veggies?

Rona Berry-Morin said...

Hello, Heather. I actually went to the local Asian market and purchased fresh Chicken Lumpia and Noodles. I pan-fried the lumpia and noodles and added the fresh vegetables.

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