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Merry Christmas From Our Home To Yours!

Menu Plan Monday ~ December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

In our house, we like to celebrate Christmas till January 1st. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve and Day are all my favorites. Gift giving can be given through out weeks.

I also enjoy making monetary donations to our family's favorite charities on Boxing Day each year! This Christmas season, I'll be making some donations through World Vision. I like the idea of choosing where your donation will be used.

Organizing Junkie

Beef Stew

Belgian Waffles, Bacon

Sandwiches and Chips

Christmas Eve dinner ~ Whole Foods Takeout

Christmas dinner ~ Chinese Take Out

The Nested Nomad: The 5 Secrets of People Whose Homes are Always Clean

Many times, after sharing photos on my social media platforms, I am asked, "Do you really keep your home that clean all the time"?

The answer is Yes! But I always want to give an disclaiming so here it goes.

First, due to my numerous chronic pain conditions, I am unable to sit, lie, stand, etc for very long. This forces me to get up and walk around freqently. As I do that, I'll tidy up along the way.

Cleaning is also a good distraction to my 24 hour pain. I'll put on some music, make my way around the house with my cleaning supplies.

It takes me much longer to do a task. Remember when I mentioned my chronic pain conditions? Well I also have physical restrictions so I have to numerous breaks just to fold the laundry. But I will put it back into the basket if I can't finish it.

It's just the 2 of us now. My husband and I have been emptynesters for almost a year. Having just 2 people to clean up after is much easier than 3. Especially when the 3rd was described a…

What a Wonderful Christmas Gift!

Hubby and I received an amazing Christmas gift recently. His family photos. Looking at the photos brought tears to my eyes.

Here's his parents' wedding photo. Don't they look amazing?! They remind me of the traditional bride and groom on a wedding cake.

Sunday Community: December 20, 2015

As 2015 comes to an end, I am reminded of the decades my husband and I have known and loved each other. Yes, there have been plenty of bad and good times. (smiles and sadness) But we still held onto each other. As they say, "In thick and thin".

In 2016, we're looking forward to wonderful events like our granddaughter's arrival, our 54th birthdays and our 20th wedding anniversary. There will be unpleasant surprises too. But as long as our faith is strong and we hold onto each other we'll get through it!