Thursday, December 03, 2015

Looking for Christmas Inspiration? Check Out My Christmas Pinterest Board

Follow Rona Berry-Morin's board Christmas on Pinterest.

I love Pinterest almost as much as decorating for the holidays. It's fun to browse and pin what interest and inspires me!

#WhatsForDinner Turkey Meatball Soup

Here's a way to put your leftovers to good use. My husband took some carrots, green beans and green onions, chopped them, and added them to beef broth.

Turned the heat up to boil. Added some meatballs and ramen noodles, brought back to boil for 10 minutes.

While I cannot enjoy a bowl, it smells amazing!

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Stay Warm My Friends!

It's been very chilly in Las Vegas. I'm talking mid-40s and low 50s cold. Now that may not compare to a New England cold but for someone who longer is used to those temps..."It's cold baby"!

But that doesn't stop me from taking my daily walk. If anything, the cold makes me walk faster! See, I knew I could come up with a positive.

"Stay warm my friends"!

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Affordable Winter Fashion

Our Home Is Decorated For Christmas!

This Christmas I decided to go full blown with the decorations. Thrift shop, Target, Etsy, DIY and touches of nature keep this year's decorating way below budget! I didn't even break $100!

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays! Thank you for stopping by.

Let's take a tour of my home!

This is our kitchen bar counter. The inspiration came from my Maine roots. The tree garland was a DIY project courtesy of our Brothers Printer Create Shop!

I have fresh flowers, in the coffee can. Pine cones that I collect during my walks add that natural look. I save Christmas cards every year so why not included them in your Christmas decorating?

The master bedroom beautiful neutral palette was the inspiration for these Christmas decorations. The banner over the bed was a previous purchase from Target. The snowflake pillow was purchased from Target for only $3!

The ornaments in front of the window are from the thrift store. I just used some bakers twine to hang them.

I always like to use Christmas cards in my decorating. Just add those mini clothespins to secure them to the twine!

We have an open living area. (kitchen, dining and living area) I like to refer to it as our living space! I stayed with the same color palette as the kitchen bar counter.

One of my favorite pieces is our small Christmas tree. Wicked cute!

The small Merry Christmas and Ho! Ho! Ho! pillows are from Target. $3 each!

The banner over the balcony doors is another free printable from our Brothers Printer Create shop. After cutting the triangles out, I just used bakers twine and glue to assemble it!

My makeup table and wigs are in our Create Room. I decided that I would bring in some bling with these colorful ornaments. I purchased them from the thrift store for a few dollars.

The Santa hat is a cute addition to my wig collection! It's been wicked chilly in Las Vegas so my wig probably appreciates the warm!

The Believe garland was purchased from Etsy. I love shopping at Etsy, support small and home business!

I love these ornaments that I purchased from the thrift store! They were so beautiful I decided not to put them on the tree!

The home office received some freebies this year. I printed the Christmas wall decors courtesy of Pinterest.

The garland was a previous Etsy purchase. The barn star was a previous Big Lots purchase!

This year, our large Christmas tree is in the Create Room. No need to purchase any new ornaments. Over 21 years, we have an wonderful assortment of DIY and heirloom ornaments. I also use some of favorite Christmas cards that friends and family have sent us over years!

Menu Plan Monday ~ November 30, 2015

This is the master bedroom. I utilized thrift shop items, recycled and heirlooms. It was also fun to reuse ornaments, as wall decor and window decoration. The Joy sign was only $3 from Target!

I've been busy decorating for Christmas. Every time I think I'm finish, I get inspired to tackle another project! The cool thing is I haven't spent much money.

Pinterest is a fantastic source for free downloads and DIY projects. For example, I've reused greeting cards and tags to create banners. Even our tree has been decorated with favorite Christmas cards.

Oh, and don't pass up your thrift stores. I purchased dinnerware, ornaments and decorations for $25!

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