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#FaithOfOurFathers DVD Giveaway #FLYBY

This gal is thrilled to have the opportunity to receive a copy of "Faith Of Our Fathers" DVD. While I'm watching it, I thought I would share that you too can receive a DVD via a giveaway! Woohoo!

I'll be posting my movie review soon. I promise!

A bit about of the film:
John Paul and Wayne are two young men in search of their fathers. Problem is…their fathers have been dead for 25 years. Eddie and Steven are two young men in search of their sons…whom they’ve never met. In 1969, Eddie and Steven are with their squad deep in the jungle of Vietnam on a five-day mission to retrieve fallen comrades. They write letters to their wives, often mentioning their love for their sons, one, who is an infant and one yet to be born. In 1994, John Paul and Wayne go on a five day road trip to the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC to see their fathers’ names. Along the way, reading those letters, they begin to get an understanding of who their fathers were and how they died. Trials an…

Happy 50th Anniversary Days Of Our Lives!

Happy 50th anniversary Days of Our Lives!

My introduction came around my teen years. I still remember when I would come home from school, see my mother folding laundry and watching the soap. After awhile, I started asking questions and watching along. I was hooked!

During those early years, the Big 3 offered soaps. We're now down to 3 soaps, with NBC and ABC being the last hold outs.

Whether you're a current fan or one that has fond memories of Days of Our Lives, I'm sure you'll enjoy watching Nancy chat with Deidre Hall, Galen Gering and Stephen Nichols.

P.S. Look for me sharing a fond memory of my dad during the segment.

Sunday Community: Fall Walks With My Hubby

I couldn't believe it but it was in the 60s last night. I get giddy as the temperatures drop in Las Vegas.

Fall decorating, comfy soups and stews and a Sunday walk in the park with my hubby.

Now that's a perfect way to enjoy a fall day.