Saturday, August 22, 2015

Thank You Hubby! Adorable French Bulldog Salt and Pepper Shakers

Every time we got to Target my husband and I love to walk through the kitchen aisles. We have awesome restraint because when we see something we usually just add it to our wish list and move on.

So to my surprise, when I was heading into the kitchen, my eyes immediately caught a glimpse of these adorable blue French bulldogs! I immediately squealed and gave my hubby a big hug and kiss!

Saturday Dinner: Spinach Ravioli with Sauteed Button Mushrooms

I purchased the spinach ravioli and mushrooms at the market. All I needed to do was boil the raviolis for 4-5, wash, slice and saute the button mushrooms. I did add some pasta water to the mushrooms prior to adding the ravioli. Mix gently. Add salt and pepper. Serve.

Hubby had a few slices of pepperoni pizza for his dinner. It should did smell good.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Hubby and I have been re-watching West Wing on Netflix. I always find some new when re-watching a series. One the background is very active, people walking and interacting with each other. Another is when you spot an actress who's all grown up and having a successful career like Elisabeth Moss.

Thank you Caroline, HuffPost Live, for asking Elisabeth my question about her West Wing experience!

I'm so sorry for the families and loved ones of the firefighters that have been killed and injured. It's amazing to me that the west coast is is experiencing all of these wild fires. I pray that this will end soon.

Julian Bond, a celebrated champion for civil rights and former chairman of the NAACP, died Saturday night. Rest in peace Mr. Bond.

When I heard about that child brides have been outlawed since 2006 but the practice continues. Thank goodness there are activist working to make the process of annulment much easier. Hoping it new procedure will be approved soon!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I've Discovered a New TV Show to Love! The Fosters

Isn't it wonderful that you can discover TV shows due to social media?

Last year I noticed people chatting about a TV show, The Fosters, and watched a few episodes. I really like the show but I was already watching many shows on Hulu and Netflix.

So when I saw people talking about it again, this year, I thought I would start watching it again! Now I'm on Season 3 Episode 10!

Are you a fan of The Fosters?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Love HuffPost Live!

Gwynnie Bee: London Times Ombre Dress

My husband doesn't say this often but he asked me to buy the dress without knowing the price. And when I told him its was around $54, he said "You should definitely buy it"!

I love the lightweight fabric especially during our brutal summers. It can be dressed up or be casual by changing the shoes. And the colors and design is beautiful!

Here you'll see the front and back of the dress. I love the neckline and the small keyhole in the back.

If you're interesting in joining Gwynnie Bee click here for your 1st month FREE!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Menu Plan Monday ~ August 17, 2015

Hubby and I decided to stay cool, watch lots of Netflix this weekend. That meant Fringe, West Wing, and Numb3rs! We popped popcorn, laughed and enjoyed a day of leisure!

Just because I can't enjoy my old favorites doesn't mean my husband shouldn't. Here's some dishes I'll be making for him.

Organizing Junkie

London Broil, Mushroom and Onion Sandwich, Macaroni Salad

Grilled Shrimp with Quinoa

Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps

Shepard's Pie

Grilled Pork Sandwich

Seared Tilipia, Green Beans with Millet

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