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Showing posts from May 10, 2015

Chronic Pain Sufferer: "You Don't Act Like A Chronic Pain Sufferer"

This week's Question and Response: "You don't look or act like a chronic pain sufferer".

Cooking, baking, gardening, crafting and even fashion are good for my soul. They're part of my daily pain management!

thredUP : Online Consignment and Thrift Store

Gwynnie Bee: A monthly clothing rental service for sizes 10-32!

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market offers many fresh, organic foods and grocery items.

ThredUP: Merona Sandals

thredUP offers fashion and accessories, at low prices. Think of it as a high end thrift or consignment store. On the other side, it gives you the opportunity to turn unworn fashion items into cash.

I purchased my Merona sandals for $11.00, used a 10% coupon too!

Spring Cleaning: Picture Frames, Decor

It took me a few days to disassemble frames, clean the glass, dry, dust items and reassemble. Now that it's done, everything is nice and shiny.

Gwynnie Bee: ELOQUII Peplum Print Short Sleeve Top

Hubby, "Babe, You look great"! Thx— Rona BerryMorin (@berrymorin) May 16, 2015

Just in time for Spring, ELOQUII offers this beautiful multi-print top. I love pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans, for the weekend.

Thank you Gwynnie Bee for another wonderful selection from my virtual closet!

Thursday Dinner: Braised Chicken Thighs, Sauteed Mustard, Collard and Turnip Greens

Just EVOO, salt, pepper and low sodium chicken broth to season the skinless chicken thighs and greens. Delish!

Thursday Thoughts ~ May 14, 2015

Did you hear about the campaign to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill? It appears that Harriet Tubman won the popular vote! How cool!

West Virginia man will become the oldest graduate at 94 years old! What an inspiration to all of us. Never stop learning!

Say it ain't so? American Idol is finally wrapping things up! I was never a fan of the show and can only think of a few American Idol success stories. Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood

Time to rethink that inexpensive nail salon visit. If you haven't heard or seen the story definitely Google nail salon, watch, listen and learn.

Scrapbooking: "I'm Back"!

One of my goals this year is to return to my love of scrapbooking! I've always enjoyed the process but over time, it became too painful for me. (cutting photos, pages) So despite the discomfort, I pulled out my scrapbook supplies and tools, turned on Pandora and got cracking.

Yesterday, I decided to set aside the whole day and taking multiple breaks. It worked!

Today, I grabbed some ribbon, tied it around the rings and hung it up in the home office. It really does feels good to be scrapbooking again!

Target: Ethel Mary Jane Heels

I purchased these Ethel Mary Jane Heels at Target website for $11.00. (actual price $10.48) I love it when I can save money when shopping for fashion items.

Menu Plan Monday ~ May 11, 2015

Organizing Junkie

This gal is following a low acid diet due to a prescription! But, I'm finding that I can enjoy delicious tasty food without the Acid Reflux!

Baked Cod, Radish and Cucumber Salad

Healthier Chip Free Nachos

Mushroom Spaghetti

Baked Chicken and Rice

Beef Tortillas

No Tomato Sauce Beef Pizza for Me, Ham and Pineapple Pizza for Hubby!

Gwynnie Bee: Taylor Dresses Circle Print Fit & Flare Dress

I've never tried a Gwynnie Bee dress that I fell in love with this much! This Taylor Dresses Circle Print Fit & Flare is so comfortable, stylish and perfect for this curvy lady. I just can't wait to for my husband to see me in this dress!

"Love" Chair Decor

I took this "Love" sign, purchased from Big Lots , a ribbon from a subscription box and 'Bam'!