Saturday, February 28, 2015

HuffPostLive: Zendaya, The Oscars & The Politics Of Loc Culture

E! Host Giuliana Rancic is in hot water after criticizing Zendaya Coleman's dreads on the red carpet, saying they look as though they smell like patchouli oil or weed.

HuffPostLive panel and community commenters discuss the politics behind loc culture and the impact of casual racism.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Go Curvy, Season 3, Episode 3

Lifestyle expert Gregory Zarian stops by Go Curvy and gives his tips for de-stressing at work.

Sherry Lee Meredith and Pia Schiavo-Campo continue their body confidence series with a discussion on this week's topic - healthy at every size.

Scotty Grand performs "Where We Belong" from his new album and Rona Berry-Morin shares her outfit of the day.

Plus, makeup artist Arlene Martinez gives you some quick and easy tips for contouring your face.

Thursday Thoughts ~ February 26, 2015

Homeless man helped drivers who were stuck on the ice, by pushing the cars to safety. Word got out, news cameras came out and the story went viral.

People began to make donations, including getting the gentleman a hotel for the night, food and starting a Go Fund to help him get back on his feet! Hudges, is also getting job offers.

Now that's a story that lightens my heart!

Do I think the lack of diversity being a contributor to the lowest ratings in years? I don't know. I only followed the Red Carpet on Twitter.

Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari caught a 280 lb Wels Catfish Thursday in Italy’s Po Delta river, setting a new record. And more good news. Mr. Ferrari release the catfish back into the river!

According to a UK survey, four out of five women don't shower every day. Many don't remove their makeup before going to bed. 1 and 8 women admitted they don't brush their teeth before going to bed.

All I can add is this gal always removes her makeup, takes a shower and brushes her teeth before going to sleep. Have a wonderful week!

Happy Birthday Marcus!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Taking A Day Off !

The unpleasant side effects of Methylprednisolone~a steroid, has retreating to my bed tonight. I've been keeping distracted by watching "Real Housewives of Atlanta" marathon and relaxing in my comfortable yoga pants, T-shirt, and an active jacket.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015

Volupties Underwear Subscription for Plus Size

I just love receiving Volupties underwear monthly subscription. Actually, my husband does too!

It's a great way to shake one's boring underwear collection! It's definitely done that for me.

Volupties offers an underwear subscription service for curvy ladies, for just $12, your first month! (It’s $17/month after that) When you join, you provide your underwear size and each month you will receive 3 pairs of quality sexy underwear from well-known brands via snail mail!

PS They're delivering to Canada too!

Target Home Furnishing~ Chairs, Benches, Ottomans

I just love walking the Target home furnishings department~check out these beautiful spring colors, patterns and designs!

Sunday Lunch: Homemade Chicken Vegetable Soup

Charles made this delicious and comforting Chicken Vegetable Soup. Using fresh and frozen vegetables and homemade chicken broth really made this soup absolutely delish!

Go Curvy Outfit of the Day~ Thurs. Feb. 26th 2PM PST

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Community: Marriage

Happy Wives Club

I do love this, because, in my marriage, it definitely holds true!

As my husband and I have gotten older, experienced life, illnesses and such, we have grown from the young 2o-somethings when we were dating.

Now that we're in our 50's, we embrace this amazing rollercoaster ride we've been on but these days, we chose to not sit in the front seats. For now, the middle seats are much more our speed!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

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