Friday, February 13, 2015

Go Curvy Season 3 Episode 1

Woohoo! It's officially Season 3 of Go Curvy and it was a jammed packed episode. My segment is towards the end of the show. I hope you can watch.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday Thoughts ~ February 12, 2015

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

If you are on of the thousands who nabbed first-class United tickets from, for example, London to Newark for a whopping $70, well tough luck, they won't be honoring them. Sorry about that!

Dr. Ruth is still giving sex advice. I just love her!

Congrats Paul Barry. He's going on his 1st date...ever...on Valentine's Day! I hope he doesn't get too stressed out and just enjoys the date.

Dennis Haysbert discusses his role on “24” and weighs in on why the ratings dipped when his character was killed off!

I had no idea that Mr. Haysbert was against having his character, The President, shot and killed. I have to say that I was very sad to see him go.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Makeup Table

Once our grown son moved out, that left his bedroom available for me to do something with it. My husband suggested that I use the space to create a makeup table and place for my wigs.

I utilized an old card table, placed a flat bedsheet that we no longer using and got to work. The containers, for my makeup brushes, makeup and items, came from subscription boxes, gift boxes and unused kitchen items!

On my wish list is a makeup mirror. But in the meantime, I really like how it turned out.

Happy Hump Day !

Chronic Pain: Cooking From Scratch

I love cooking and baking from scratch. Even our pancake batter is from scratch. p.s. It taste better!

After hiring a health and wellness coach, who had me do a food elimination each week, I discovered that I needed to lessen my dairy and bread, due to slight improve in my overall health.

It was the kick in the pants that this girl needed to take more control over what we were eating.

This video shouldn't be taken as medical advice. It's just my opinion and experience, as a long time chronic pain sufferer.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Have The Responsibility To Move My Life To Forward!

It took me years! No, decades to figure out that I needed to forgive myself to move forward. To stop blaming others and myself for the sadness, in my life.

I'm so blessed that my husband stood by me through it all. And I'm so glad that I didn't have to take that long, painful journey alone! Thank you my Heavenly Father for taking that painful journey with me.

Saturday Dinner: Sloppy Joes

Whether you use Manwich or one of the many homemade Sloppy Joes recipes, on Pinterest, this is an easy, quick and delicous sandwich. Just add pickles, cole slaw or potato salad to round out this meal.

Sunday at The Farmer's Market

The weather, in Las Vegas, was glorious so hubby and I took a walk to our neighborhood park and farmers' market. It's always a treat for us seeing all the people, dogs and activity.

And walking is so good for this Chronic Pain sufferer. Yes! It hurts to walk. It hurts to do anything but I just love those endorphins~natural pain relievers.

I'll Be Appearing on #GoCurvy Season 3, Episode 1 This Thursday!

Monday, February 09, 2015

Menu Plan Monday ~ February 9, 2014

My husband and I caught up on Downton Abbey and Call The Midwife Sunday night. Both TV shows never disappoint us.

We also saw John Wick and Fury this weekend. It was agreed that John Wick, starring Keanu Reeves, was the better movie. We really enjoyed all the action. And Keanu looked very handsome. I just loved his wardrobe!

And before I forget, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!~

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Chicken Alfredo Baked Ziti~ Gimme Some Oven

Swedish Meatballs, Buttered Noodles, Green Beans

Creamy Homemade Mac and Cheese

Falafel Sandwiches

Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Kale Caesar Salad ~inspried by Blue Apron

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