Saturday, July 20, 2013

Five Question Friday ~ July 19, 2013

1. What is one thing you have too many of in your house?

We definitely have too many whisks in our house.

Let me paint a picture for you. When you can't open the kitchen drawer, without one jamming it. Or when you pull hard on the drawer and one comes flying out?

It's time to stop buying them. Or better yet. "Honey, I need a bigger kitchen"

2. Did anything go not quite as planned on your wedding day?

Well, the only thing that we didn't plan was our son's dress shirt being lost...I mean misplaced at the dry cleaners. They actually called us an hour later saying they found it. Woo Hoo

3. What is your favorite summer smoothie recipe?

I'm not a smoothie kinda girl so no favorite summer smoothie recipes.

4. What is the weather like where you are?

In Las Vegas, it's been extremely hot this summer. We broke some weather records with days of 117 degrees. And unfortunately, people did die from complications from the heat.

This week, we've been cooling down...around 105 degrees. Yes, these temps are much more livable.

5. What is your favorite book to read to your kids?

When our son was little, our favorite book was "The Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister. The bright, glittery colors and story definitely won us over.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ad: Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 30, Clear Face Broad Spectrum SPF 55 and Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen Products

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the products for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the products.

I am so thrilled to have this opportunity to review these Neutrogena sunscreen products. As many of you know, my family and I live in hot Las Vegas. This summer we've been experiencing brutal temperatures over 110 degrees.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30, Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 55 and Neutrogena Beach Defense Water & Sun Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Last year, I suffered from a sunburn, on my legs, while lounging, at the pool, after a swim. It was not only extremely painful but also a learning experience for this brown woman. It was a wake up call. People of color can and do get sunburned. And worst, we can develop skin cancer. So, it's very important that we learn how to protect ourselves from the deadly UVB rays.

Before I head to the pool, this summer, I make sure to generously apply Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen SPF 30 to my body, including chest area, hands and feet. (15 minutes before going out) Then I apply the Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 55 on my face and ears.

When I'm out running errands or taking a quick walk around the neighborhood, I apply Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30. It's lightweight, fast absorbing non-scent appeals to my husband and son too.

Did you know that the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen line is recommended for people of color due to the fact that it doesn't leave an ashy look like some other sunscreen product do?

Check out the HuffPostLive Skincare segment to hear Dr. Doris Day's, Dermatologist, response to Jessica Sanoh's, HuffPostLive host, skin care questions, women of color and protecting our skin from sun damage.

For more information on Neutrogena sunscreens and skin care products, visit their website or Facebook page.

Everybody Needs To Learn To Protect Their Skin ~ HuffPostLive

“Sunscreen is important for everyone – from the lightest skin tones to the darkest. Often people of color feel that their darker complexion protects them from the harmful rays, and while we may not burn as quickly as other ethnic groups, we can still develop skin cancer.

Not all sunscreens labeled ‘broad-spectrum’ are created equal. I recommend Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreens, because it does not leave a white appearance which can occur in ethnic skin when applying sunscreens.” - Howard L. Brooks, MD, Medical Director, SKIN: Cosmetic Dermatology Center of Georgetown

Uncovering a healthier remedy for chronic pain ~ Duke University

Physicians and patients who are wary of addiction to pain medication and opioids may soon have a healthier and more natural alternative. A Duke University study revealed that a derivative of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), a main ingredient of over-the-counter fish oil supplements, can sooth and prevent neuropathic pain caused by injuries to the sensory system. The results appear online in the Annals of Neurology.

The research focused on a compound called neuroprotectin D1=protectin D1 (NPD1=PD1), a bioactive lipid produced by cells in response to external stimuli. NPD1=PD1 is present in human white blood cells, and was first identified based on its ability to resolve abdominal and brain inflammation.

"These compounds are derived from omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil, but are 1,000 times more potent than their precursors in reducing inflammation," said Ru-Rong Ji, professor of anesthesiology and neurobiology at Duke University Medical Center and principal investigator of the study.

You can read the entire article at e Science News

We Broke Out The Hoover Steam Vac!

Our son assembled the Hoover Steam Vac within a 15 minutes, on Friday. On Monday, my husband showed me how to connect the upholstery hose, remove the bottom container and disassemble after use.

I took my time cleaning the chair and cushion. The machine does the work with a powerful suction, removing the water, dirt and solution.

My husband actually cleaned the sofa and cushions before he left for work. That was a great help to me. I think he was having too much fun using the shampooer.

We were too excited to finish cleaning the couch to wait and see how dirty the water was. As you can see, it's very dirty water. Yuck.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Shade Of Brown Subscription Box Has Arrived! July 2013

My Shade of Brown, is a monthly beauty subscription service with products geared towards women of color. The monthly subscription is only $10 so for the opportunity to 'try out' products, it's very affordable.

So far, I've been really enjoying the Balanced Beauty skin care samples. The Replenish Moisture Cream is my favorite. I put very little on my face, before bed and wake up to less dry skin.

I really enjoy opening My Shade of Brown box. Don't you just love the pink tissue paper?

In July's box, we have m.a.d.e cosmetics samples. I'm looking forward to giving these a try.

The July box contents: m.a.d.e Prep'n Set Spary Antioxidant Setting Spary with Green Tea & White Tea Extracts, Glow Powder~All Over Bronzing Shimmer, 2 Mineral Pigment~Brownie and New Penny

Being Kind To My Eyes: A New Pair of Sunglasses

I've attended a Foster Grant Twitter Party where they discussed the importance of protecting your eyes from the UV rays. The funny thing is that I've heard this message before but it wasn't until that party did I feel it was my mission to pick up a pair of sunglasses.

After deciding on a pair, at Target, cutting the tags off, and placing them on my face, I have to admit I don't know why I waited so long.

My eyes are no longer burning from the brutal Las Vegas sun and wind exposure. Another plus: No more squinting

*Don't forget to look for the UV rays sticker on the sunglasses.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Health & Wellness Coach Update

In April, I hired Leslie Gail, Health & Wellness Coach, to assist me with some nutritional concerns. I've been working on eating more whole foods, less processed for more than a year but had hit a plateau. Leslie suggested several things, including that I try a sugar and dairy elimination, separately, for a week.

I decided to do the sugar elimination first because I don't consume much added sugar. (ex: sodas, sugar in coffee or tea) This task was much more difficult than I thought. I actually found myself wanting to have some sugar each day. I actually succumbed to Apple Rolls.

The following week, I started my dairy elimination. That meant no cream in my morning coffee, no butter on the toast. Yuck! But, I did a bit better on avoiding dairy.

Final results: I did feel a little better during the dairy elimination. I realized that I should be more aware of what I'm consuming so I do keep a food diary. Not for beating myself up but to see how certain foods affect my chronic pain. I really appreciate Leslie's suggestions and goal setting tips. If you're interesting in Leslie's services, please stop by her website.

Hoover Steam Vac: It Finally Arrived!

I've been wanting this Hoover Steam Vac from QVC , for over a year. So, when I finally had the opportunity to order it last week I did.

Last Friday, the UPS person had this big box for me! I'm so excited to get this baby put together and working.

Menu Plan Monday ~ July 15, 2013

Menu planning allows us to indulge in quality ingredients because I'm not wasting money buying things we don't need. And when I use my Vons club card and Buy One Get One free our savings gets bigger!

Thanks to Organizing Junkie for hosting Menu Plan Monday!

shrimp and pineapple fried rice

apple pork roast, mashed potatoes, sauteed cabbage

chicken potstickers

these sandwiches are so good!

crockpot chicken, carrots, salad

turkey and swiss sandwiches

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Home Project: Paint Marcus' Room

Since our son was going to be working a 8 hour day, my husband decided that he would paint his room.

When you look at this before photos you can see 3 years of dirty, scratches and marks on the walls. Yuck!

After my husband spackled all of the holes and chips we broke out the paint. We chose White Lagoon, flat, matte, from Home Depot for the walls.

After a few hours of painting, we have clean, beautiful walls!

Jumping Tandem Sunday: Go In Peace

Always follow peace. If you don't have peace about something, then just don't do it. Joyce Meyer

Thank you to Jumping Tandem for hosting Sunday.

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