Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hair Weaves: Did You Know an Unit Isn't a Wig? I Didn't!

HuffPost blogger Erikka Yancy did the math and realized she's spent over $25,000 and more than one and a half years of her life sitting in a chair getting weaves, braids and extensions. (For many women, that's the price of looking good!)

With an opener like that I really wanted to watch, learn and participate in the live segment.

Before having, *what was left of my hair cut off, I was spending around $200 relaxing, coloring, styling, trims, per month! So with my hair buzzed off, waiting for it to fill in, I started purchasing and wearing wigs. Hubby initially loved it because I was spending much less money. Later, he began to enjoy 'the many looks of Rona'! Sometimes he would join me in selecting wigs from a catalog.

During the hot Las Vegas summers I'm sporting my buzz cut, enjoying the pool and leaving my wigs on the closet shelf.

*hair loss and thinning!

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